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summer heat
"I inhale sharply and as I do I close my eyes. No not just close them, I shut the world off. I turn off the sounds of the bellowing fan, of the almost quiet rustle of the curtains as they brush against the peeling yellow painted wall, of the buzz of night quiet – the quiet often interjected by distanct sounds of the cricket’s nightly symphony.

I turn off all the sounds.
Even too the sound of silence.
And for but a moment I do not exist. There is no concept of who I am and what I am.
I am for that tiny slice of time nothing.
The breath quickly expands my lungs and the realness takes over, the breath forced out and my heartbeat now dominates, pounding, loud, reminding me that I am here.
That I exist and that I am not nothing.
Breathing. It is what life is. One breath after another. Continuous. Incessant. Unbroken. A reminder that despite wanting to just slow time down or shut it off that we have to just continue…. to move on. Despite hardships and hurdles despite moments of magic and joy.
Despite happiness.

That life goes on".
 photo by Richard Avedon


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